Que estás a ler no 2017?

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197 thoughts on “Que estás a ler no 2017?

  1. 1984
    The book “1984” was written by George Orwell in 1948. It´s the vision about a possible future of human civilization in the year 1984. In this society, the government controls the behavior of people with strict rules, repression against opposite or different ideas and a system of cameras in streets and buildings called “Big Brother”. Besides, the government controls the thinking of the people through a system based on fear and lies; controlling the media to invent news, enemies and wars against invisible threats.
    I think it’s a very interesting book because the author wrote this story a long time ago, predicting many aspects of today’s society that we can see or suspect. And who knows, probably, we are living in 1984.

  2. MAUS (by Art Spiegelman) from the EOI Library
    The author is an American cartoonist that tells through Vladek‘s (his father) witness how he survived in Auschwitz during the Nazi invasion.
    The writer has chosen the comic strip as an innovating idea to tell the Jewish Holocaust and gave the characters the appearance of different animals, so the Jews are drawn as mice, the Poles as pigs, the Nazis as cats and the Americans as dogs. Obviously it is a part of history that we all know, but the more we know about it the more devastating it is.
    Art Spiegelman recorded his father’s memories about that time with a tape recorder since 1980 until 1991, during his visits to him, and then he used these recordings to write/draw the book. Vladek told him how he met his wife (the Art’s mom), how they both built their family, how they lost his old son, how they ended up in a concentration camp and how they fortunately survived.
    What may seem as a happy ending story, actually shows us a tale full of cruelty, brutality, betrayals and mainly the absolutely atrocious behaviour of the human being.
    I strongly recommend this book because it’s a new way to know about the 2nd World War, about how far the human race can reach to get its ambitions and most importantly to learn something about our past in order not to repeat it in the future (present).

    PS to the EOI Library, please don’t stop acquiring more comics in English, I love them!

    1. First of all, thank you for your comment. We are glad you enjoyed the book and we hope to purchase more comics in a near future for the school library!

  3. The Blind Man

    ‘The Blind Man’ was written by D.H. Lawrence and published for the first time in 1920.
    The story takes place just after the World War 1 in England. It is about the struggles of a man as he learns to cope with the loss of his sight, narrated by the three main characters.
    It is a short story but it can take time to read it if you look at the details and stop to reflect.
    Communication, disability and human connection are the three issues considered in ‘The Blind Man’.
    I found it striking how the author always uses images of darkness to illustrate the emotions of his characters.
    I recommend reading this tale because throughout its reading you will see how the characters move from having something missing in their lives to being truly whole.

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