Que estás a ler no 2017?

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  1. Monsieur Ibrahim et les Fleurs du Coran (Éric-Emmanuel Schimitt)
    C’est un petit livre qui raconte une belle historie d’amitié entre un enfant, Momo, qui est juif, et Ibrahim, un homme musulman. Différents âges, religions et origines, mais les deux personages sont amis.
    J’ai aimé ce roman et je le recommende, parce qu’il est facile à lire.
    Il y a aussi un film.

  2. CAROL – The novel and the film

    This novel written by Patricia Highsmith, first published as “The Price of Salt” and under the pseudonym “Claire Morgan”, was a total surprise for me because I had allways catagorized her as a “suspense writer” It was very bold to write a novel about lesbian love in the 50´s and much more when it has an ending which does not follow the stablished pattern about love between homosexuals.

    I enjoyed reading the novel though it is not the kind of literature I usually read. I have always enjoy reading Mrs. Highsmith´s works and I think that “Carol” proves the good writer she is.

    The film is good but nothing to do with the novel. I think that Carol´s and Therese´s feelings and doubts, as well as Carol´s difficulties with her husband over their daughter Rindy’s custody and all that she had to give up to live her love, are not well reflected in the film.

  3. Edward the Conqueror and Other Stories

    I had never read any of Dahl’s short stories. They are short but intense. In each one of them he describes perfectly human nature like revenge, jealousy, etc. Though he is a well-known children’s author these stories are adult level; they are all about adults and I think that a child will not understand or enjoy them.
    After reading these short stories, in the future I will read more of Dahl´s work.

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  4. La maison blue (Thierry Galhier).
    Nadai e Quentin sont une fille et un garçon qui entrent dans une maison. Et après, une surprenant et curieuse histoire.
    Un petit livre, agrèable e très facile à lire. Après chaque chapitre, il y a un cuestionaire qui aide à mieux comprendre

  5. I have read a delightful modern love story, “Love Virtually”, written by Daniel Glattauer. This book is a funny and absorbing novel, plenty of twists and turns, about a love affair that took place enterely by email.
    I strongly recommed this book. If you are an “internet person” , you will be able to identify with the characters on this book and you will love it.

  6. Hi folks, I’m Hugo and I would like to talk about the last book I have read: Tales of the Unexpected,
    written by Roald Dahl.
    What will you find inside the book? A great number of shockingly funny short stories with a
    plot twist at the ending. These tales are auto conclusive; meaning that you can start reading,
    for example, “Man from the South”, which is the 3 rd story, jump to the second to last, go back
    to the first and so on. This is great, because it gives the reader a lot of freedom not being
    attached to a plot linking all the tales.
    Do I recommend reading it? No doubt, if you are in for having a good time reading amusing
    stories such as “Lamb to the Slaughter”, my favorite, this book is what you are looking for,
    trust me!

  7. Hi everyone!!!! I write to recommend you the book I have read: “We all should be feminist”. This book is an adaptation of the TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She talks about her personal experience about sexism growing up in Nigeria, it is to say, about her life living in a male chauvinist environment. I extremely recommend this essay to both genders, men and women, since it provides us a real vision of the never-ending debate about sexism.
    I hope you read it, enjoy it and of course reflect on it. Thank you!!!!!!

  8. Un dos últimos libros que lin foi Camiños na auga de Manuel Núñez Singala e quedei impresionada pola calidade literaria e a visión humanística da obra.
    O autor convídanos a percorrer as pegadas da fuxida que, dende o lago Vitoria ata as Illas Canarias, realiza Szymo, o protagonista da historia.
    É a última peza narrativa deste autor, que mestura o estilo da novela de aventuras co dunha novela de viaxe para rematar nunha novela de iniciación situada na África poscolonial.
    A historia baséase na busca da liberdade como eixe vertebrador da viaxe de Szymo a través da cal o autor contrapón a “diferenza” dun mozo estigmatizado por ser negro e albino e a igualdade proclamada nos inicios da Idade Moderna e Revolución Francesa.
    Szymo é un negro albino sometido a persecución polas súas particularidades físicas o que na novela se denomina un “dili”, isto é, un obxecto de negocio para determinadas prácticas rituais polo que se ve obrigado a deixar a súa aldea e iniciar un longo percorrido dende Vitoria (no Congo) ata Europa.
    Ao longo da súa singradura terá que loitar contra as hostilidades que lle van xurdindo a bordo do seu caiuco.
    Todo o universo vivencial, as cuestións da emigración, o dereito á diferenza e á diversidade cultural e social fican recolleitas neste libro onde o autor as sitúa nun primeiro plano a través do personaxe principal.
    Todos somos diferentes ou todos somos iguais?
    Esta é a pregunta sobre a que se artella a historia onde o protagonista queda descrito pola letra dunha canción que le mesmo escoita por casualidade e na que se acaba por recoñecer.
    O que máis me gustou do libro foi a conexión coa realidade actual, o enfoque crítico do que lles acontece a milleiros de persoas que seguen chegando ás nosas praias sen que ninguén faga nada, a visión da dureza e da crueldade coa que se trata ao feble e sobre todo a coraxe coa que loitan eles por saíren adiante.
    Velaquí as razóns polas que me gustaría recomendar esta novela a aqueles lectores que, coma min, queiran buscar novas aventuras a través do pracer da lectura.

    1. Eu lin este libro hai varios meses e encantárame. O autor narra a historia e pericia deste mozo albino ó longo do seu percorrido polo continente africano ata chegar ás Canarias. Merece moito a pena a súa lectura.

  9. Newspaper Chase by John Escott

    In my opinion, the book was entertaining and easy to read;the plot of the book was interesting.
    It seems to me that the main character was very unlucky. All the things he does have a bad ending.
    This book is very useful to start reading in English.

    Basic 1

      1. I think Newspaper Chase by John Escott is a very interesting book. It`s an easy book to understand for basic one students. Personally, I liked it a lot.

        Basic 1

      2. It was an interesting book.You start reading it and you can`t stop, because you want to know how it ends.

        Basic 1

      3. It is an easy book to read, its questions are easy to answer. I liked because its content is amusing.
        Basic 1

  10. Hi Ratos,
    I write this post to talk about the book I have read: Merde Actually by Stephen Clarke. It is written in a sacastic and funny way. This book tells the story of Paul, The main character, an englishman who abandoned his job in an office to go to Paris in order to open his own bussines: a salon de thé. It also narrates his relationships with several women, even a married one, but at the end Paul realises that he has always been in love with his ex-girlfriend; who doesn´t make easy to Paul. If you want to know the end of this couple you will have to read the book. To conclude, on the one hand I recommend this book because the story is enjoyable but on the other hand, for me, it was very dense. It is perfect to read during the summer for example. I hope you enjoy reading it. Thank you.

  11. Newspaper Chase by John Escott

    I read this book. In my opinion, It´s a basic book to learn English. It´s good to learn vocabulary and basic phrases.
    The book is about a thief that steals an expensive picture.

    Basic 1

    1. I also read Newspaper Chase by John Escott. It´s a good book for beginners. Would you like to read something in English? Then, you can. It´s easy. Enjoy it!

      1. Newspaper Chase was entertaining. It had a touch of mistery that made you read and read until the end.

        Basic 1

      2. I liked Newspaper Chase because is a simple and short story with simple words and ilustrated characters.

        Basic 1

      3. Newspaper Chase by John Escott.

        I read this book and I think it’s okay to start reading in English.It’s easy to understand and it’s interesting because I learned some vocabulary. The book is about a thief who steals a valuable picture.

    2. Newspaper Chase by John Escott is a good book for our level.
      It has phrases with simple vocabulary and It´s easy to read.

    3. Newspaper Chase is the third book I read in English. I think this book describes an interesting story with short phrases and easy vocabulary.
      Basic 1

  12. Escarlatina, a cociñeira defunta

    Boas, ratos de rochoteca,

    Hoxe véñovos falar de Escarlatina, a cociñeira defunta. Esta obra literaria infantil-xuvenil mestura a realidade social de hogano coa fantasía e o mundo dos mortos. Unha novela humorística escrita por Ledicia Costas, cuxo vocabulario está moi adecuado á linguaxe que usan os nenos de hoxe en día.
    Gustoume moito a obra e, ao estar tan axeitado aos cativos, creo que se pode considerar que axuda á motivación cara á lectura. Porén, a obra pódese facer longa.
    Porés hai que recoñecer que a calidade lingüística do texto é moita, por incoporar figuras literarias e chegar tanto aos nenos. Ao lela sénteste como Román, o protagonista da obra.
    A verdade é que a min, que non adoito ler, fíxoseme super levadeira e teño ganas de ler o outro libro desta colección.

    Animádevos a lelo.

    Mara Múrias

  13. Lourenço Xograr

    Moi boas, ratos de biblioteca,
    Hoxe vouvos contar sobre Lourenço Xograr, esta é a última novela que escribiu Manuel Portas, un escritor e sociolingüista Galego, licenciado en Filoloxía Galego-Portuguesa, que iniciou a súa carreira docente na Universidade de Santiago de Compostela como profesor asociado da universidade, no departamento de Filoloxía Galega, para continuar o seu camiño na ensinanza media, onde logra alcanzar a categoría de catedrático de Lingua e Literatura Galega.
    Manuel Portas, nesta novela, mestura aventura, historia e amor narrando a vida de Lourenço, un xograr do século XIII que ten como fin converterse en trobador. Alén disto, detállase a disputa polo trono de Portugal entre Sancho e o Conde de Boloña, onde Lourenço coñece a crueldade da guerra. Así mesmo, reflicte as características propias de antano, transportándonos a aquela época para poder coñecer a forma de vida que había no século XIII. Eu de ter que elixir o que máis me gustou da obra, sen dúbida, elixiría a historia de superación que nos mostra Lourenço, ensinándonos que debemos loitar polos nosos soños para, pouco a pouco, irnos superando.
    Penso que esta novela é un excelente recurso para que os mozos e mozas coñezan a forma de vida dese século, podendo observar as grandes diferenzas que hai con hogano. Ademais, coa súa lectura daranse de conta como un pobo ten que pagar as consecuencias dunha guerra, a pesar de non ser un problema de seu.
    En definitiva, recoméndovos este libro, pois a pesar de que ao seu comezo pode parecer un pouco aburrido, axiña o seu relato nos atrapa, sendo capaces de viaxar no tempo e vivindo as aventuras que lle ocorren a Lourenço. Sen máis, despídome desexando que vos animedes a ler esta fabulosa novela e que vos guste.
    Unha aperta,
    Laura López Torres

  14. Lourenzo Xograr

    Hoxe, quero falar da última lectura que fixen no meu precorrido de apredizaxe desta lingua. Tratase dunha novela de Manuel Portas, títulada Lorenzo Xograr, na que se desenvolven as aventuras dun rapaz que soña con poder cantar o que sente.

    No tocante á miña opinion persoal desta obra é positiva xa que, por un lado resultoume entretida e por momentos incluso divertida, así como dinámica. Por outro lado, o que máis me fixo gozar da historia foron a súas personaxes, bardante o xefe de Lourenzo, o señor Joam Garcia de Guilhade. Para min o autor acadou que o lector sentese as emocions dos principais personaxes como se fosen persoas reais.

    Cabe destacar tamén, como se reflicte na novela, o momento histórico que encadra as vivencias de Lourenzo, feito de agradecer por xente como eu, para quen a historia non é o seu. O escritor vainos decubrindo época,as formas de vida e os acontecementos do mundo dos reis e raíñas que ten lugar tanto no reino de Portugal como no de Castela e León

    Porén, a lectura deste libro non foi sinxela, xa que amosa moita riqueza de vocabulario. Abofé que é necesario ter un dicionario a man para poder entender moitas partes do libro. Non obstante, de eu ter que elixir algúns dos libros que desde que comecei a estudar galego lin nesta lingua, sen dubida elixiría este.
    Animoos a atopar un foco nas vosas lecturas para este libro que vos fará gozar da ledicia de ler.

    Filo León

  15. Lourenço, xograr

    Ola, prezados lectores,
    Velaquí vos deixo a miña impresión da lectura de Lourenço, xograr, a última novela de Manuel Portas, quen nos visitou na EOI hai tres hebdómadas.
    Alédome abondo de tela lido porque o autor soubo conxugar historia, gabanza á nosa lírica medieval e persoeiros enxeñados e de noutrora, así como, dinámicos e frescos. Verbo disto, entran degoxos de pescudar e saber que ten de certo e de inventado. Alén diso, o amor, os tópicos e o humor aderezan a historia. Coido que se non dixera isto, caïades no desatino de non lela pola súa temática.
    De eu ter que elixir o que máis me gustou do libro, sería a segunda parte, na que varios personaxes, tan senlleiros como a Balteira, narran a trama, os pensamentos e sentimentos de seu e reflicten as súas diversas personalidades. Non exaxero dicindo que a caracterización de cadaquén me deleitou!
    Convídovos a facerlle un oco no voso lecer, xa que, bardante que tantos nomes como aparecen vos descoloquen, meréceo con creces. Amais, a iso acábaste afacendo e, mentres gozades do relato, por unha banda, aprenderedes sobre o que acontecía antano polos reinos de Galiza- Castela e Portugal e, pola outra banda, sen ningunha dúbida, sairedes cun léxico máis vizoso.
    Despídome agardando que a recomendación vos contaxie un biscato a arela de coñecer ao formidábel Lourenço e compaña.
    Deica outra,
    Rocío Modia

  16. Camiños na auga
    Bo día, ratos bibliotecarios,
    Estou aquí para falarvos do libro Camiños na auga de Manuel Nuñez Singala, no que se mestura natureza, aventura e intriga até o final do libro e, máis alá, pois gustaríame coñecer un pouco da vida do protagonista unha vez que chegou a onde el se propuxo. Secasí, é un libro que todo adolescente debería ler e reflexionar sobre el, pois transmite valores que nos axudan a formarnos como persoas.
    No tocante a historia, narra a vida dun rapaz dili que loita por escapar do seu país pasando por situacións inhumanas para a súa idade e para a de calquera. O que máis me gustou do libro é o valor de superación persoal que se ve ao longo da historia, na loita continua de Szymo, o protagonista, para alcanzar o seu obxectivo, superando todas as trabas que lle apareceron durantea viaxe. Abofé que isto segue a ocorrer na actualidade, mais eu non quixese ver a ningún dos meus viaxando en pateiras, escapando da fame ou das guerras do país, sería moi duro.
    A trama da novela acada o clímax en varios momentos, conseguindo que o lector siga a historia con intriga, conque a lectura é moi rápida e entretida.
    Agardo que esta opinión do libro vos incite a súa lectura, de seguro que gozaredes duns anacos entretidos e aprenderedes o que é a propia vida e a necesidade de vivir, asemade.
    Unha aperta.

  17. Lourenço, xograr
    Ola, ratos de biblioteca,
    Hoxe vouvos falar do libro Lourenço, xograr de Manuel Portas, quen dedicou a súa vida a diferentes ámbitos como o da ensinanza, a política e o literario. Unha das últimas novelas foi esta, onde narra a vida do xograr Lourenço e recrea as condicións históricas do século XIII, asemade.
    Abofé que é un libro de divulgación da historia e da literatura medieval galega, porén a súa trama mestura, ademais, aventuras e amor, o que o converte nun libro ameno e divertido de ler e ao mesmo tempo sitúate na condición que Lourenço tiña de seu, posto que ansiaba ser un trobador recoñecido, a pesar da súa condición de vilán.
    Esta obra literaria paréceme moi interesante para coñecer a vida de antano. Catar os primeiros capítulos que son un pouco desconcertantes, o resto da novela emérxete nos pensamentos e sentimentos das personaxes, de feito, eu de ter que elixir, escollería esta parte, sen ningunha dúbida.
    Así que, convídovos e anímovos a lelo, dado que merece a pena, xa non só por pasar un anaco entretido, senón porque é de grande interese e é unha boa fonte de enriquecemento persoal. En definitiva, destacar que me deixou unha gran pegada, pois no meu xeito de ver recolle que debes loitar polos teus soños, custe o que custe e nunca debes finxir o que non es e, sobre todo, a túa orixe.
    Un saúdo,

  18. Pablo Veiga
    Cinq semaines en Ballon (Jules Verne)
    Un voyage en ballon qui commence á Zamzibar et va arriver au Sénégal. Les voyagers sont le docteur Fergusson, son serveru Wilson et un chasseur, Dick Kenedy. Le roman décrit les aventures de ces hommes dan L’Afrique sauvage et incroyable.
    Le livre est très amusant e facile á lire. Je recommande la lecture pour ceux qui apprennent la langue française

  19. I have read again “The Hound of Baskervilles”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    This story starts with the legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles told by Dr. Mortimer, who was very concerned about it. This legend relates the story about the evil Sir Hugo Baskerville who kidnapped a young girl in 1640. The young girl could escape from his prison but when Sir Hugo and his partners in crime realised that, they let the hounds to chase her. She finally died of fear and exhaustion and one terrifying and enormous hound, which looked like a devil, killed Sir Hugo by tearing out his throat.
    After that, many of the Baskervilles died in strange and terrible ways, as Sir Charles Baskerville, the Dr. Mortimer’s friend.
    Sherlock Holmes feels very interested on knowing how Sir Charles was died and he accepts to investigate the mystery with his companion Dr. Watson.
    I read this novel for the first time when I was a teenager because I was very keen of Sherlock Holmes’ mysteries and I nearly died of fear… The plot is well-developed, is thrilling, scary and action-packed. The descriptions of the characters, the thick mist, the moorlands, the mud, the cold and the ghostly hound make you feel as if you were there.
    I truly recommend this novel if you really want to be scared (and you are not afraid of dogs and dark).

  20. WHEN SUMMER COMES by Helen Naylor

    The book tells about a couple formed by Anna Martins, who is a nurse, and Stephe Martins, who works for an advertisement agency. They live in London and took a holiday in a seaside village called Porlreath to scape the stress of their city.
    They loved staying there and made a new friend called Tristan Goddar, who is the owner of Dolphin Cottage where Anna and Stephe stayed and which they valued to buy to change their life there.
    When they went to Polreath, Stephe had problems at work and he was worry about it. He is a very reserved person and for that reason was far for Anna. When they was enjoying the holidays he received a call from his work and had to returned a few days to London. In this tme Anna met Tristan for who she had been attracted since the first time she saw him and vice versa…

    If you like romance mixed with suspense, I recommend this book for you.

  21. THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    Dartmoor . A wild , wet place in the south -west of England. A place where it is easy to get lost, and to fall into the soft green earth which can pull the strongest man down to his death.
    A man is running for his life . Behind him comes an enormous dog from his worst dreams and between him and a terrible death stands only one person, the greatest detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes whose story was created almost a hundred years ago, but his adventures still seem freh and exciting today.
    This is a entertaining and misterious book which contains fantastic illustrations.


    This is a book written by Edgar Allan Poe. It’s a mystery book, which covers two short stories written by the author. They are detective stories; in fact, “The Murders in the rue Morgue” is considered the first modern detective story.
    The both stories are set in Paris. The main character is Dupin. He is a very bohemian and clever person, who is capable of solving any mystery only analyzing little details.
    The first tale is about a murder, which happens in strange circumstances. The police can’t discover who is the killer, but Dupin only with a quick look of the crime scene achieves the solution.
    The second short story is about a stolen letter, which the police need recover to her owner.
    I strongly recommend this book. In my opinion is one of these books, which makes you feel extremely absorbed. And I love it because is absolutely unpredictable.

  23. The novel “Todo esto te daré”, written by Dolores Redondo, tells the story of Manuel, a writer who arrives in Galicia to identify the body of his husband-Àlvaro- and discovers that the investigation has been closed too quickly.Manuel, turned into the heir of the powerful family of Álvaro-the Muñiz Dávila-, begins to suspect that other murders had happened before.With the help of inspector Nogueira and Lucas, a priest who is a close friend of Álvaro since they were at school,Manuel starts the finding of the truth about the secrets of the Muñiz Dávila family and what really took place in the majestic scene of la Ribeira Sacra, in Galicia.

  24. “CAROL”
    The story is set in the fifties in New York where the main character, Therese, a nineteen-year-old, dreams of been a set artist but has to work in a department store to earn some money. She hates the job and she doesn´t love her boyfriend. Her life is monotonous and hopeless until Carol, a sophisticated and genuine woman in her thrirties, appears to change everything. The irresistible attraction between them on a world full of intolerance and ignorance makes a thriller of that love story.
    Written by Patricia Highsmith, this book is full of suspense, and catches your attention till the end. Of course it is a love story, but at the same time its reading permits us to know interesting things about that time, when homosexual relationships were forbidden and secret, even in NYC.
    At the beginning I was seduced by reading the author in her own language because I’ve read her in Spanish and I’ve liked it, but I was pleasantly surprised by the modernity of this novel. This is a genuine play that would appeal to English students. If you get a chance to read it, don’t miss it!

  25. I have read “The ABC Murdes” by Agatha Christie.
    It is a very interesting mystery book.
    The story begins with a letter to Poirot, a famous detective, which explains that the X day someone will be killed in a certain place. At the beginning, Poirot does not know what to do: If the letter is a joke or somenone´s life may be at risk. But the appointed day arrives and a woman is murderer, so Poirot starts to investigate. It is the most difficult case to Poirot,
    At the end of the book, the killer is discovered and it is a big surprise.
    I recommend it. It is an entertaining book, full of mystery until the end

  26. “The Amsterdam Connection”

    The main character is Kate Jensen who is a news reporter on the Daily Echo in London. The story begins when Kate´s friend is found dead in Amsterdam, and Kate travels there to find out the truth concerning her friend death.

    I have enjoyed a lot this book, because it has a lot of mistery and you have to pay attention to each page while the facts are happening, so I recommended it to you all.

  27. I have chosen this book because my teacher Mercedes has recommended it to me.

    The writer is Diane Wei Liang who has published a private investigator series set in modern day China that has resulted in two novels so far. The eye of jade is the first one, in this exhilarating new detective series. Diane was born in Beijing and spent part of her childhood in a labor camp in a remote region of China. She also was a protestor in Tiananmen Square and she writes of the clash between old and new China with considerable skill.

    `The eye of jade` is set in Beijing and the story takes place in modern day Beijing. Diane is able to convey so brilliantly the most shady places of Beijing, with a descriptive language that transports you to other world, plenty of ¨comrades”.

    The story involves Mei Wang and her family. Mei Wang is the protagonist. She is the main character and the one who I most identify with. The family is filled with secrets, and constant pushing and pulling of loyalties and guilt. And this gives the book the point of exact mystery to maintain the intrigue to the end.

    The story is told from Mei’s perspective. Because of that, we learn a lot about Mei’s character. Mei is a independent woman. She survived a sad breakup, but doesn’t get depressed, and isn’t really interested in finding a man. She’s smart and clever, but she is also vulnerable, as we all are. She is a modern woman. She has her own apartment. She owns a car. She is also a successful female investigator in Beijing thanks of her intuition and intelligent. Mei decides to set up his own detective office with all modern commodities, including a male assistant – Gupin-
    ¨…What do you Know about business? look at yourself -you don´t solialize, you can´t cope with politics, you have no Guanxi- none of the networks and contacts you need…¨ says Lu, Sister´s Mei at the beginning of the story.
    The eye of jade is not only a mystery story but also a traveling for Beijing both geographically and culturally.
    But what about the plot?
    One day, an old family friend, Chen Jitian ‘Uncle Chen’ pays Mei a visit. He wants her to investigate the disappearance of a rare Han Dynasty jade seal that went missing from the Luoyang Museum during the Cultural Revolution. He’s afraid that if it isn’t found, it’ll disappear from China and end up on the world black market. Mei’s a little reluctant; after all, it’s quite a tricky task to look for a national treasure like that, without attracting unwelcome attention. But she agrees to do what she can. Mei knows to treat the investigation as a most delicate matter, however, she cannot Know that this case will force her to delve not only into China´s history, but also into her family`s dark secrets.
    The eye of jade is written in a exhilarating way to adhere your attention until last chapter and when finally it is discovered the real meaning of The jade ¨ …Yeah, that´s what we say in Henan. The jade is the emperor´s stone, so the eye of jade meant a spy from the royal palace. Now we use the term for anyone who is spying for someone higher up, like the boss…¨: thanks to Gupin.

    Finally, I recommend you all this novel because it is not only a mystery novel but also a historic one, plenty of moral and ethical questions. I really love the way the writer tells the story in the third person through Mei and her particular vision of life, love, loyalty, fight and above all the feeling of courage and freedom in the middle of a huge city, Beijing.

  28. The Body in the Library
    A young lady´s body is found in the library of Bantry´s house.
    The police have to investigate to solve the mystery and arrest the murderer, but there are a lot of possible suspicious in the little village.
    During the investigation, another body is found and it is related with the first one, becoming the investigation even more difficult.
    Finally, the police solve the case thanks to the help of Miss Marple, an inteligent old lady from the village, very fond of solving mysteries.

    I enjoyed a lot this book because I´m very fond of mystery books, and this one is very exciting because you don´t know who is the murderer until the end of the book, and all the characters look suspicious.

  29. The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe is a book written by Romail Puertolas in 1988. When it was published it got a great popularity. It’s an adventure book in which a fakir travels around Europe.
    The story is set in different countries such as France, England, Spain… and tell us the adventures of this fakir. He only wanted to buy a new bed of nails in Ikea in Paris but all things to tangle up and his plan become complicated when he was trapped in a wardrobe.
    Romain Puertolas does a great job at the begining of the book. He catches the reader’s attention with crazy tings but suddenly, towards the middle of the book he becomes a moralist and he pretends to show to the readers the good way.

  30. Se buscabas un deus. Xabier Quiroga.
    A novela de Xabier Quiroga non é a continuación de “Atuado na braña” tal e como o propio autor precisa. Porén, para os que estabamos á espreita de saber máis, a nova novela, constitúe un agasallo que nos achega de novo os personaxes que tan ben coñeciamos grazas ás andainas de Luís Salgueiro Pardo.
    “Se buscabas un deus” axuda a clarexar dúbidas mais nun eido novo que nos sorprende polo inesperábel. Ambientada no futuro, e coas novas tecnoloxías de fondo, Ivo, o protagonista, anda na procura da verdade. Namentras, as continxencias da súa vida e realidade se van transformando devagar.
    Excelente novela inzada de vocabulario coidadosamente escolleito.

    1. Eu lin hai uns meses Zapatillas Rotas, un libro deste autor, co que me divertía á vez que sufría cos personaxes. foi un sentimento agridoce que me deixou con ganas de ler máis deste autor. Polo que dis, se cadra decídome e empezo este “Se buscabas a un deus”

  31. The Client (John Grisham)
    I have read this short book. There is also a film based on the book, but I haven’t seen it yet. The main character is a boy, Mark Sway, who is eleven years old. He knows a secret. His life and that of his litle brother are in danger because the police want to know where “The body” is and the Mafia could kill him. But Mark is a brave and intelligent kid.
    I needed to repeat the reading and I had to use the traslator, but finally I was able to understand it and I am very satisfied.


    This short story by Truman Capote is a master piece of the 50s. Truman Capote tells us about Holly’s way of life and her neighbour (Fred, perhaps the author). Through this book, Truman Capote describes the personality of this unusual girl.

  33. I’ve read Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I liked it, not so much as the film, though. It was quite different to the movie, specially the end. The book introduces different characters, absent in the movie, that help you understand a little bit more about the behaviour of Holly. Also, it is always better to read the book before seeing the movie because it helps your mind to create the scenes, the people or how things will happen.

  34. I was supposed to read ” Breakfast at Tiffanys”. I started, I swear, but it was so boring for me. I prefer recomending another book. One of the last that I read was” We have to talk about Kevin”. It is about a teenager who killed his family (his father and his young sister). But you don’t know it until the book is almost at the end. His mother writes a letter to “someone” talking about things that happened and asks for forgiveness.

  35. “Memorias de una geisha”
    I loved this book which is very interesting and beautiful. This shows a very different perspective of the gheishas. A long standing stigma has been placed on Japanese Geisha girls. When someone thinks of a Geisha, they think of a glorified prostitute or call girl. This is far from the truth. Geisha’s are entertainers, and they are trained vigorously in art, music and dancing. If you translate Geisha into English, you get artist.
    I think this book describes very clearly their lives.

  36. Oiva Juntunen é un gánster finlandés, manipulador e aproveitado. Consigue que os golpes os dean outros que, loxicamente, serán os que paguen as penas. Posúe lingotes de ouro subtraídos ao Banco Nacional de Noruega e dedícase a vivir a vida no seu luxoso apartamento de Estocolmo. Ata a chegada dunha alarmante noticia: os seus cómplices van ser liberados e quererán recoller a súa parte do botín. A Oiva gústalle demasiado o seu ouro para pensar en separarse del. Non, mellor escondelo no máis profundo da tundra, na Laponia. E na cabana dos leñadores do monte de Kuopsu, xunto ao inquietante Bosque dos Raposos, Juntunen reúne os seus lingotes de ouro, e vese obrigado a convivir con Sulo Remes, comandante alcoholizado en período sabático, e con Naska Mosnikoff, vigorosa nonaxenaria escapada do asilo.
    Arto Paasilinna fai rir coas brutalidades, describe unha sociedade contemporánea na que os ladróns son heroes, onde pagan os de sempre, e na cal a democracia funciona para uns poucos, á vez que as políticas sociais son molestas e, sobre todo, mal administradas.
    Empecei a ler con récelo, mais a sorpresa ao pechar o libro tras ler a última liña foi grande: afastado do politicamente correcto, Paasilinna describe a sociedade occidental cunha lucidez que che vai encantar, á vez que a trama te leva a identificarte co anverso do heroe.
    Este libro farate sorrir mil veces, e cando o peches porque se acabou, sentirás optimismo mais tamén envexa dos que aínda non o leron.
    Beatriz López Díaz
    Profesora de francés. Clubs de lectura

  37. MACBETH (William Shakespeare).
    I´ve read this book. I recommend its reading. It is an entertaining Scottish story and easy to read, with a questionnaire after each chapter.

  38. Galicia rhapsody, blues escocés. It is a book of poetry written by a writer that was born in Xove (Galicia) called Óliver Escobar. Currently he´s living in Scotland.
    Surprising and strange. This book is written in English and in Galician.

  39. WONDER by R.J. Palacio.
    Do you need a book that makes you feel good? Do you want a dose of positivity for your day?I recommend this book for everyone. It was a breath of fresh air, it’s just full on inspiring, very touching, I felt very identified with the character because of my childhood experiences, and I really liked the friendly and well-bred character of August.
    Little Auggie, a boy with a rare abnormality in his face, is a wonderful kid, an amazing boy, I fell in love with him from page one till the end. He broke my heart countless times and he reassembled it again many times too. How I want to hug and make him feel safe forever!. He will be in my reading memories.

  40. “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories” is a humour bestseller ! The author, James Finn Garner, has rewritten classic stories but transformed to become fables for our times.
    From “Rapunzel” or “Cinderella” to “Snow White” , the characters have changed and the reader can discover what really happened when Rapunzel escaped the witch,, when Snow White knew that the prince was impotent and when Cinderella did not hear the clock in the tower.
    This book is extremely funny and hilarious and we can know classic stories with an end for adults.

    1. Hi Sole!
      I loved this book which is very funny although sometimes it seemed to me very exaggerated. This shows a very different perspective of the princesses and their role within the classic tales, but at times it borders on an extreme “feminism”. When I read this book, it reminded me a lot (with another style and purpose) to one of my favourites, the one by Roal Dhal entitled Revolting Rhymes.

  41. Kate is a news reporter on the Daily Echo in London. One day she met her friend and ex-boss Max Carson, who owns a part of Roterdam football club. A few days later Max is found dead in Amsterdam. Kate decides to go to Amsterdam to find his killer. With the help of her friend Elly she realizes how dangerous football can be. She gets herself caught up in an endless search, in a kidnapping….
    Finally she finds out the killer is………………. You will have to read the book if you want to meet the killer!

    The Amsterdam Connection by Sue Leather gets your attention since the beginning. I couldn’t stop reading it until I knew the killer’s name. It is a really interesting book if you like mistery and murders. You can get into the story and follow the clues to finally find Max’s killer.
    You should definitely read it.

  42. ROALD DAHL – “Edward the Conqueror and other stories”

    This volume contains three short stories. In the first one, the vindictive Lionel Lampson has a conversation with the mischievous and sly widow Gladys Ponsonby about a portrait painted by a mediocre and rogue painter with a secret and surprising technique. This unpleasant conversation also deals with the feelings of the stuffy bachelor about Janet de Pelagia, and finally leads him to form a crooked plot to get revenge. In the second story, Albert Taylor, a well-respected and succesful 29-year-old apiarist with a strange and special sympathy for the bees wonders if he could use royal jelly with his starving tiny new-born baby. The third and final story of the book is about reincarnation: Has Frank Liszt been reborn in a large cat of an unusual color and lumps on its face? This story deals with the feelings of a seemingly idillyc marriage through the story of this “musical” cat.

    I’d recommend this book because of the well-known Dahl’s skill to create an atmosphere of suspense; besides, I think that short stories are a good way of enjoying literature especially if you don’t have a lot of free time.

  43. “The extraordinary journey of the fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe”
    I think it´s worth reading this book, the absurd events and characters that the author -Roman Puertolas- presents, gets an amusing fable about arbitrarity of fate, it does have some charm this story about a poor, but clever, indian boy who discovers a new world in front of his eyes in an IKEA´s store. Once you start it, you can´t leave it!

  44. A trip to London by Lester Vaughan is a different book because the reader has to decide every step during her/his holidays in London. Depending on your decisions you go to a specific page on the book. I enjoyed a lot because I have never been in London but I will go soon and this book shows the most important places of the city and narrates good anecdotes.

  45. “Americahana”
    “Americahana” is the word that Nigerian people use to name those who immigrate to the USA and depreciate the traditions. That is Ifemelu’s case, the main character of the story. She has just decided to return to her country after been more than a decade outside. Much has changed in her life since she left. But can she still have something in common with her past?
    Written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, this is a book about a couple, Ifemelu and Obinze, and their story for three decades. Of course it is a love story, but at the same time its reading permits us know interesting things about Nigeria’s history and gives us the opportunity of having another point of view of emigration.
    This is a thought-provoking play that would appeal to English students. If you get a chance to read it, don’t miss it!

  46. But was it murder? by Jania Barrell
    First off, the story began in a car, in a terrible rush where the detectives went to find an accommodation where they were going to sleep. Over there, the home-lover said to them that a man was killed (Forley), but the problem was: Why? Who killed him? Nothing looked strange. Bowen and Eliot(the detectives) investigated this odd case and they discovered that he was drunk when he died but he didn´t use to drink alcohol before. He had been disloyal with his doctor´s wife, and his doctor wanted to get revenge because he was aware of the affair going on. That is why the doctor made up the lie that Forley had a terrible illness. Finally, they discovered that the reason for the death was a regrettable suicide.

  47. Matilda by Roald Dahl
    This is an entertaining and funny book for children that would be a good reading for adults too. In addition, the good illustrations that the book contains make easier for us to be carried along the story.

    1. Matilda is one of my all-time favourites! As many of Roald Dahl’s stories it provides an important message: You can do it! Highly recommendable for readers of all ages.

    2. My daughter and I like reading a lot. For reasons of age, we do not always share the same opinion about a book. We both love Matilda’s book, from different perspectives for sure, but curiously we both like that beautiful message: “Pursue your dreams, making them true”, and, of course, We love her loving for books and reading.
      I read the book in Spanish twice or three times, next time I will read it in English. This is my favourite quote: “The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives. She went on olden-day sailing ships with Joseph Conrad. She went to Africa with Ernest Hemingway and to India with Rudyard Kipling. She travelled all over the world while sitting in her little room in an English village”.

  48. LONG WALK TO FREEDOM, by Nelson Mandela

    What can be said about N. Mandela’s life that hasn’t been said before? Not much. What cn be said about someone who pulled off on of the greatest feats ever? A lot if one has the chance to read his autobiography. Written in a very simple yet clear and transparent style, Mandela’s own recollection of his life is as comprehensive as you’d expect.From the hardships of his childhood until the loonely years in Robben Island the book has a lingering a effect on the reader as on the South African people. Even the shortcomings of his private life, the never-ending struggles to find the right balance between the liberation struggle and his marriage aren’t overlooked. A must read, gripping and appealing troughout. It’ll make you dip into it and never want to dip out. So…let’s fin our way to freedom, shall we?

  49. SEIQUE – Susana Sánchez Aríns
    Seique unha imaxe vale máis que mil palabras; Se fose certo, este libriño sería de alta definición (Full HD polo menos).
    Poderase dicir máis alto, pero máis claro non. Cando as palabras están tan ben cociñadas non fan falla adobos feitos con especias orientais para expresar tan ben a historia.
    Máis que a lectura dun libro ou a visualización dunha imaxe foi coma se unha persoa, desas que falan pouco pero que todo o que din está ben dito, andara mergullada no medio das páxinas a contarlle a historia ó lector.
    Parabéns á escritora.

    1. Encantoume este libro, para min foi un descubrimento, unha mestura desas historias sobre “paseados e paseadores”, que se poden oir en tantas familias de Galicia que recollen culturas, cheiros e sabores,….un conglomerado cheo de folclore da terra, que van dandolle forma a unha historia, desas que se contan ao calor da lareira, ao carón dunha muller.

      1. Unha pequena xoia feita de retallos e abundante en referencias cinematográficas. Un libro contra a desmemoria, na que as mulleres vítimas invisibles do aparato represor do franquismo teñen un grande protagonismo.

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