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    This book is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie. The story starts early one morning when the body of a young woman is found in the library of Colonel and Mrs Bantry. The young woman has been strangled and nobody knows who is she or how did she get there. Mrs Bantry immediately calls in her old friend, Miss Marple, to investigate the crime. Miss Marple solves this complicated murder case where all the suspects have an alibi.

    The mystery and crime book catches the reader from the start. I enjoyed it a lot trying to discover by myself who was the murderer and the crime motive.

    The book tells a story about a Scottish factory that involves problems caused by a brawler that doesn´t want the factory to complete an American order. Some Scottish transport that belong to the factory have been stolen and the main characters have to cross a risky bridge and use a train that hasn´t been operative for years to have success in the order.

    In my opinion, I neither liked it or disliked it, but I found it interesting, how the characters resolve the arguments and that feel of Scottish lands when you are reading. However, it´s the first time that I read a book in English and I´m not used to it. Also, I found it difficult to understand. Maybe next time 😉

    This is a story about a strange crime. As every book of Agatha Christie, nothing is what it seems. The body appears in a normal cottage, and nobody knows her. All the suspects have an alibi, and only one person can resolve the case, a lovely old lady, neighbor of St Mery Mead.
    I liked that story, because it’s imposible to predict who the killer is, every single detail is important, and the characters are complex. Also it’s easy to read and very entertaining.
    Go to the library and discover the inteligent plan to the killer.


    “The body in the library was written by Agatha Christie.
    This is a mystery and crime book.
    The story happens in a small country village, St Mary Mead, in the south-east of England.
    A beautiful, young , blonde girl was found dead in the library at Gossington Hall. She was strangled . Her name was Ruby Keene. No one in the house had ever seen that girl.
    There are several suspects:
    1) The owner of Gossinton Hall, Colonel Bantry
    2) Conway Jefferson. He lost his wife, son and daughter in a plane crash. He wanted to adopt Ruby.
    3) Adelaide Jefferson. She is Mr Jefferson’s daughter-in-law
    4) Mark Gaskell. He is Mr Jefferson’s son-in-law
    5) Raymond Starr is a professional dancer and tennis player at the hotel where Ruby worked.
    6) George Bartlett. This young man was the last person who danced with Ruby the night of her death.
    7) Josie Turner was the cousin of the murdered girl and a dancer not very well paid.
    8) Edwards is a tall, well-dressed man who works for Mr Jefferson.
    9) Basil Blake is working in films but he is not a film star. He has a lot of noisy parties.
    There are five detectives. Miss Marple is one of them. She is a woman between sixty and seventy and her hobby, apart from gardening and bird-watching, is to solve murders.
    Would you like to be a detective for once?. Read this book and try to discover who killed Ruby.
    I tried it, but, definitely, I am very bad at solving crimes.
    Read and enjoy this story.

    Laura Gómez (B2.1-5)

  5. I have read recently ” Pride and Prejudice”. This is a Jane Austen novel which talks about social classes in the 19th century and about how some poor people are usually proud and other rich people have perjudices against people of the lower social class. Although this novel was written in 1813, nowadays we see the same in our society.

      1. Yes, I really enjoyed reading the book. I love all books and movies based on Jane Austen’s novels. I recommend watching the film too after reading the book; there are some different versions, since 1940 version to the 2005 version. Both are good.

  6. I´ve just read “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, which is one of Roald Dahl´s books.
    Charlie is the main character, he´s a poor child who lives with his parents and grandparents in a little cottage; the story happens in winter, so the house is really cold and they barely have food to eat, because the one salary that get in the house disappeared, and it´s just then, when Charlie finds a Gold Ticket to visit the Chocolate Factory!
    He lives the best experience of his life, he met Mr.Wonka (who´s the owner of the factory) and he lives a lot of magic experiences that he would never had imagined. At the end of the story, he´s the winner of the last and best prize ever, that changes his family’s and his lives.

    I really enjoyed this book, I had fun reading and remembering some scenses of the movie; some characters are different but my favourite one was the shop chocolate seller. He was the most reasonable and less greedy.


    This time, the book I’ve read is called “And Then There Were None”. The title is taken from the last words of “Ten Little Soldier Boys”, a nursery rhyme which inspired the novel. The book was originally published in the UK in 1939 under the title “Ten Little Niggers”. Eventually, the current title was adopted because the word “nigger” is very offensive. Nowadays, this crime novel is still a bestseller. The book was written by Agatha Christie, an English writer who was born in 1890. She also worked as a nurse and as a pharmacy assistant. Those jobs allowed her to get the good knowledge of poisons which is shown in her novels. Agatha died in 1976.

    The book is set on Soldier Island, a fictional island off the Devon coast where a mansion lies. Ten people are lured to that island on different pretexts. When the main characters (Lawrence Wargrave, Vera Claythorne and Philip Lombard) and the rest arrive, they find out that their hosts are delayed. There is a framed copy of “Ten Little Soldier Boys” in every guest’s room. There are also ten figurines on the dining table. After dinner, a recorded voice accuses each of them of having commited murder. During the following days, the figurines are broken one by one as they are killed one by one according to the nursery rhyme. Stranded by a storm, they realize that the murderer must be one of them.

    The book is well known for being the best-selling crime novel of all time. The author creates a terrifying atmosphere and never fails to execute plot twists. One of the features that make this book worth reading is the concept of justice. Besides, the author does a great job of describing how each character reacts to the events. A sense of guilt is embedded in the conscience of those who deny their crimes in public. However, those who accept their crimes in public don’t feel so guilty in private.

    Overall, I found this novel impressive. It was better than I expected. It’s also a real page-turner. I would recommend it to readers who love mysteries that can be explained. An astonishing confession signed by the killer is shown at the end of the book. If you are a mystery fan, don’t forget to put it on your list of books to read.

    Javier González Portela


    The book I’ve read is called “The Catcher in the Rye”. This coming-of-age novel, which was published in 1951, remains a bestseller. It was written by J. D. Salinger, an American author who was born in 1919. Salinger fought in the Second World War and rose to fame after the publication of “The Catcher in the Rye”. He didn’t want to be famous, so he led a very private life until he died in 2010.

    The novel is set in what appears to be a psychiatric hospital near Hollywood. The main character, a teenager named Holden Caulfield, lives there and narrates several events that happened to him around last Christmas. Some of those events are his expulsion from the Pencey Preparatory Academy, a fight with his roommate, his departure from that school without telling his parents, his encounter with a Pencey student’s mother on a train to New York City, his argument with a prostitute and an elevator operator at the Edmont Hotel, his date with a girl called Sally Hayes, a meeting with a former student adviser of his and his stay at the apartment of a former teacher of his.

    “The Catcher in the Rye” is believed to be based on Salinger’s experiences. The book is well known for dealing with complex themes, such as teenage rebellion, immaturity, alienation and depression. The author does a great job of describing Holden’s feelings. The teenager always fails in his attempts to socialize with people and that makes him feel alienated from society. As a consequence, he develops an idealized view of childhood and a cynical view of adulthood.

    The book is a good read, especially for teenagers. In my opinion, many people have some of Holden’s feelings at some point in their lives. Overall, I found the novel very useful because it helps you to understand those feelings. Besides, it’s a real page-turner. You will find it hard to put down. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you get a copy.

    Javier González Portela


    Nullzeit ist ein spannender und beklemmender Thriller, in dem die Autorin, Juli Zeh, uns eine unglaubliche Geschichte erzählt. Sie beschreibt uns Punkt für Punkt, wie das Leben von einem jungen Tauchlehrer auf der kanarischen Insel namens Lanzarote vorgeht.

    Unsere Hauptfigur, Sven, trifft dort eine junge deutsche Schauspielerin namens Jola und einen alten Schriftstellter namens Theo. Dieses Paar sind ein paar verrückte Kunden, die Sven als Tauchlehrer für zwei Wochen engagieren, und die ihn mit unglaublichen Lügen verwirren. Was für Lügen und wie das alles endet, das müsst ihr selber herausfinden.

    Meiner Meinung nach ist dieser Bestseller ein raffiniertes und unterhaltsames Taschenbuch, dessen Autorin uns genauestens mit allen Einzelheiten von Svens Leben beschreibt. Es gelingt ihr immer wieder unsere Aufmerksamkeit einzufangen.

    Mir hat dieser Thriller sehr gut gefallen, weil er sich leicht und schnell lesen lässt, und auch weil er mit klitzekleinen Details Svens Welt darstellt.

    Graciela Brodmann
    Alemán C1.1

  10. The book I read was “In The Shadow of the Mountain” by Helen Naylor. This writer has also taught English to adults for over 30 years in language schools in the UK.

    The main character is a journalist called Clare. She travels to Switzerland to bring home the body of her grandfather who died 74 years before while he was climbing. Clare discovers some secrets about her family.

    From my point of view, this book is really thrilling, so when you start reading it you can’t stop until you finish it.

    Apart from that, I recommend you to read it because it’s very easy to read.


    The story takes place in the Southwest of England, in a shepherd`s cottage, near Casterbridge, a little town.
    The protagonists are a family and three strangers. The family was celebrating a party to celebrate the birth of the youngest child, and three strangers come into the house successively.
    Mr Fennel, the owner of the house, invites them to have a rest and a drink of homemade mead, because the night was rainy and windy.
    Firstly, a tall and thin man came into the cottage, he drank some mead, sat down next to the chimney, and he didn´t speak.
    After, came in a second man with a grey suit and hat. He said to the people that he was going to work to Casterbridge, and told them that he worked as a hangman.
    By last, a third stranger, a man tidily dressed, knocked on the door and when the door opened, and he saw the other two strangers, he didn´t say anything and started to run.
    Someone in the house said that perhaps, he was a prisioner that had escaped fom Casterbridge prison, and everybody started to run behind him.
    When people found him and they took him to the house, the judge and the police realized that the man wasn´t the prisioner.
    The man, then, explained that he was going to visit his brother, who had stolen a sheep to feed his children, and he was going to be hanged, and when the door of the cottege opened, he saw his brother, he was the man that was sitting down next to the chimney.
    He didn´t know what to do and started to run.
    Although the next morning people went to look for the man, the thief was never found because people thought that the man shouldn´t be hanged for stealing to feed his children.

    This book is a very intriguing and an enjoyable story because the reader doesn´t know who the men who enter the cottage are until the book finishes.
    It is also easy to read and the reader can not stop reading to know how it ends.

  12. The Outrun, by Amy Liptrot.

    The Outrun. In Orkney, strip of farming field, where ewes graze in summer and Highland cattle spend the overwinter.
    This is the author’s autobiographical, debut novel. Although she has collaborated with several media -The Guardian, The Observer,…-, the book has emerged from a regular column in Caught by the River.

    This is a thrilling story of self-discovery and overcoming difficulties on the way, namely alcoholism. The book flows through very distinctive stages: from the childhood experiences in a farm -with everything affecting her own family, assumed as an uncounscious stigma-, moving to the crazy, vibrant and restless life in London. Looking for self-identity. That is where the problems arise… The final stage, and thanks to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) therapy is sum up as a redemption. It’s a go-back to the origins in one of the northernmost islands in Orkney (Papa Westrey). There she finds herself appeased, working for the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and in close touch with nature, wildlife and astronomy.

    A revelation and an honest recommendation.

  13. THE FIRM

    I’ve recently read “The firm”, it was written by John Grisham in 2011. The story takes place in Memphis where there is the law firm Bendini Lambert & Locke.
    Mitchell McDeere is very ambitious and he wants to earn a lot of money. Therefore, he starts to work here. The clients of the law firm are rich and important. The FBI contact Mitchell because they think that in the office there are illegalities, they offer Mitch a lot of money. Mitch contracts a private investigator to investigate the strange death of five of his colleagues. Eddie, the private investigator, is killed and Mitch decides to help the FBI.
    Mitch copies important documents with help of: Abby, his wife; Tammy, Eddie’s secretary; and Ray, his brother that is in prison.
    Finally, Mitch discovers that the law firm is the Moloto family that is the mafia. So, the FBI arrests a lot of people of the firm and the Morolto family is finished.

    I recommend this book to everyone who likes intrigue and mystery. This book is good because it keeps the interest until the end. It is easy to read, so it is entertaining.


    Mitchel McDeere (Mitch) was an ambicious young man, graduated in the top five from Harvard Law School. He got a job with the law firm of Bendini, Lambert and Locke, that was specialized in international tax law. Mitch thought it would be the way to be successful and to get money and power.
    Two members of the firm were killed in strange circumstances. Mitch knew that there were other partners of the firm who had died in the same way. He tried to find out everything about it, and he hired Lomax, a private investigator. After some days, Lomax was killed.
    The FBI contacted Mitch giving him some advice such as not to trust anyone, and told him that every word he said was being recorded because his house, office, phone…were bugged.
    The firm was part of an illegal business and the owner was the Morotto crime family in Chicago. The FBI asked Mitch to collaborate with them in exchange for protection for him and his family.
    But finally, Mitch set his own rules getting more than protection, but putting his life and his wife’s at risk.
    It is a suspense masterpiece created by John Grisham, one of the world´s best-selling authors. He has a talented way of describing all the situations Mitch lived, makes the reading captivating. So, I strongly recommend “The Firm”.

  15. I’ve recently read “Amy, my daughter”. This book is a biography of Amy Whinehouse, the dead singer written by her father. He has also written the story of one of the greatest singers of our age. On the 23rd of July 2011, Amy’s family, friends and fans around the word mourned the tragic news of this extraordinary woman. This book is about her life, her influences and dreams, and her incredible rise to stardom to the darkest days of her battles to cope with her addictions. It`s an amazing book.


    SURPRISE ME! By Sophie Kinsella

    This Christmas I have read and enjoyed a lot this book.
    Dan and Sylvie are the perfect young, married couple; that couple who understand each other perfectly, ending each others sentences, able to communicate without words… But after a visit to the doctor where they are given an amazing, clean bill of health and a long life expectancy, they start to reconsider their life together, and suddenly “sixty eight more years married” seem something difficult to endure. This thought will trigger a series of hilarious situations where they try to surprise each other in order to spice up their marriage. Family and work issues, old flames and friends involved in their lives will help create an amusing plot with an unexpected ending.

    Since I am a Sophie Kinsella’s fan, I totally recommend this book. She has that British sense of humour able to make ordinary things extremely laughable, making fun out of simple, everyday situations, familiar to everyone. At the same time this is also a thought-provoking story in terms of relationships, partnership, loyalty and longevity.

  17. This Christmas I have read “The firm”, by John Grisham.
    This book tells a story about lawyers, Mafia and money laundering.
    The main carachter is Mitchell McDeere, a brilliant lawyer that has just licensed at Harvard. He must choose between different pretigious firms to start working but surprisily he finally ends up in a Memphis firm called Bendini, Lambert and Locke. Their clients are very wealthy people and the firm manages their money and helps them to pay less taxes to Uncle Sam, or, at least, this is what Mitchell thinks they do.
    Only a little time after having started working in the company, he finds a lot of things which are very suspicious, like a high level of security, doubtful working methods and strange deaths. When Mitchell and his wife want to investigate deeply into the company, they are involved in several situations of danger.
    Besides, the FBI contacts Mitchel and he is forced to collaborate with them to incriminate his bosses from the company, but taking care of not being killed by them.
    So, he is between the FBI and the Mafia and has to deal with that situation the best he can.
    For me, that I had already watched the film some years ago, it is an absorbing story, exciting and with a lot of action moments.
    Despite I didn`t remember the story very well, it was quite surprising when I finally found out that the ending in the book is different from the movie. This is why first I got confused, because I didn´t recall the ending like that, in fact, it becomes a different story.


    I have chosen “The Great Gatsby” this novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald because it is a period of the 20th century that has always fascinated me. Those “crazy twenties” and all the atmosphere that surrounded it.The thing is that you have to make the main character Gatsby, through Nick Carraway´s eyes and that is very interesting because you are going to guess the suspicious origin of Gatsby´s character on one hand and the lights and shadows of Gastby’s richness, on the other hand.
    Precisely, nobody knows Gastby´s real origin and where his fortune came from.
    Nick´s mysterious neighbour gives epic parties full of luxury, snobbish and too much richness everywhere with empty people eager of superficiality and hedonism.
    Nick meets Gatsby and even helps him with a date with Daisy in his small cottage as a first contact. Nick helps him to have an affair with Daisy.
    There is a certain kind of adventure the day when they drive some friends´cars and a bit of this misunderstanding situation is the real drama of the novel. There is a car crash and someone´s lover dies. This takes us as readers to the shocking ending of the novel.
    As readers, we are witnesses of the emptiness of this kind of life and we see how the novel ends prophetically with Nick noticing how human beings are a little bit like Gatsby, lonely souls going forward but always feeling the pull of the past.
    I recommend you the reading, there is a great richness of vocabulary and really beautiful passages. My favourite one is in Chapter two. Doctor T.J. Eckleburg eyes witnessing every action of the story,specially in that cars promenade day. Coming from the bucollic Valley of Ashes where take forms of houses, chimneys and even human souls wandering through this unforgettable story.

  19. During the holidays, I have been reading this book called “Lake of Sorrows” by the American author Erin Hart. It is actually her second novel with the same characters and setting but you don’t have to read the first one to get invested in the story.

    It is a thriller about a mummified body from centuries ago that has been found in the wetlands in Ireland. When the archaelogical team goes to the site, they find a more recent body with the same killing features. When the main charaters, an archaelogist and a historian, get involved in the investigation, past troubles in their personal lives and in the town’s history will come to light.

    Although crime novels are not my first choice to pick a book, I like this author’s style and I think that even though it is a little long, the short length of the chapters and the sporadic revelations will keep you interested until the last page.

  20. I read “Canada” by Richard Ford; the story of Dell Parsons, a boy who is fifteen when he is living in Great Falls, Montana, with his mother, Neeva, his father Bev, a former air force bombardier, and his twin sister, Berner in 1960. He has always been an outsider in all the places he has lived in. He is interested in bees and chess, and worries about not being able to start school before his family decides to move away again. However, after his parents rob a bank and his sister runs away, he is driven to Saskatchewan, Canada, where he has to start a new life, deprived of everything he had taken for granted.

    Although this is the main plot, summarising “Canada” in such a simple way does not do justice to the book, since this is not a book of facts. It is a book to read slowly, and after reading it, what remains are the emotions the author induces from their superb descriptions of the landscapes and the detailed description of the characters. It is the story of someone that should be terribly damaged and however is not; despite not being insensitive, Dell ends succeeding in life, by accepting things as they come, and not dramatically confronting them. It is the cleverness of this character, as well as their acceptance of the situation, what hooks you while reading and teaches you a way of confronting life.

  21. I’ve recently read “The Catcher in the Rye”, which is one of J.D. Salinger’s most appreciated novels, first published in 1951.

    The main character, 16-year-old Holden Caulfield, tells his own story once he was expelled from school again. He is portrayed as lazy and frank but completely clueless about his future and above all, a very sensitive person. That’s why there are some touches of humour contrasting with moments of noticeable depression.

    Apart from that, it pictures the reality of the society at that time, what really adds a sense of criticism in some fragments and makes the reader reflect on deep issues such as morality, snobbery, injustice or callousness.
    However, my favourite part is, without a shadow of a doubt, the unexpected end. It will surely surprise you, too!

    For me, this is a remarkable story, so I would gladly recommend you all, whatever your age, to read it!

  22. “The Grass is Singing” is Doris Lessing’s first novel, published in 1950. The story takes place in the British Colony of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), in southern Africa, during the 1940s. The book begins in ultima res, that is, at the end of the story, with a newspaper article on the murder of Mary Turner, a poor white woman killed at the hands of her black houseboy. Then, the narrator goes back in time in order to tell Mary’s life from childhood to death, paying special attention to her marriage to a poor white farmer, Dick Turner.

    I have chosen this novel because it seems to be a detective story. However, as you read it, it turns into a psychological one because readers witness how the main character, Mary, moves from being a happy single woman, who is independent and has her own job, to be socially isolated when marrying, and during those years, readers see how her mind is crumbling.

    Despite being only 220 pages long, there are so many interesting aspects to take into account, among which, I may highlight the background of the Apartheid, that is, how the relationships between black and white people are portrayed in the book, and how the role of women is subjected to marriage and to have children in that particular society.

    To sum up, the novel is a mixture of colonialism, revenge and, to me, a powerful psychological portrait of its female protagonist and her fragility in a world dominated by men. A definite must-read!

  23. Recentemente, estive a ler Os desastres de Sofia, um conto da escritora brasileira Clarice Lispector.
    A protagonista é uma menina de nove anos quando acontecem os factos. Quatro anos mais tarde, ela relembra a sua relação com um professor que tinha sido muito especial para ela, ao receber a notícia da sua morte.
    A primeira vez que li o conto não gostei muito dele, dado que a autora não é uma escritora fácil de ler. Entretanto, depois de o ler pela segunda vez, gostei muito mais. Acho que é recomendável, especialmente para os que gostarem de refletir sobre a importância que têm os adultos e, neste caso, os professores, na formação das crianças e mesmo na perceção que estas tenham de si mesmas. Com certeza os professores vão gostar.

  24. Gatos comunicantes. Vieira da Silva. Editora: Assírio & Alvim.

    Neste livro podemos ler a correspondência entre Vieira da Silva e Mário Cesariny, 1952-1985. Nele, cada página, cada linha e cada palavra descobrem as figuras reais de Maria Helena Vieira da Silva e de Mário Cesariny de Vasconcelos.

    “Ao ler esta correspondência vemos que cada um foi inventando o outro, num frente a frente perpétuo, sem intervalo ou traição.” Nestes diálogos de vozes e de silêncios percebemos como eles se viram, se representaram, se admiraram e se amaram.

    Fazia muito tempo que este livro dormia na estante. Porém, graças ao desejo de praticar a compreensão de leitura em português, li-o nas últimas semanas e foi uma grande descoberta. Fiquei imensamente apaixonada por ele!

  25. Estive a ler Bonecos de barro, um conto de Clarice Lispector.
    A protagonista é Virgínia, uma mulher que se dedica a fazer bonecos de argila. Ela sente com intensidade coisas muito simples que há ao seu redor: a água, a areia do rio, o barro…, e o facto de materializar numa figura esses elementos faz com que ela se libere do seu ego, do seu orgulho e que tudo se concentre na criação das suas mãos.
    Ao final do conto, Virgínia constata as imperfeições dos bonecos, mas consegue superar as suas próprias limitações.
    Acho que o texto serve para ilustrar aspetos psicológicos da personagem e também da própria autora, a qual tenta transmitir-nos que, inclusive quando estivermos impotentes ou vencidos, podemos superar as dificuldades e emergir de outro jeito diferente.
    Não é uma autora muito fácil de ler, mas eu gostei do conto.

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